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Monthly Archives: June 2006

I just saw this via I So Want One – perfect – you gotta love living with capitalism.



Of the 974 photos that I currently have displayed on Flickr, an image of a giant Zorb that I took with a crappy cameraphone is the most popular one.  The weirdness of Flickr lives on.

Huge Great Zorb Thing

Could this be the beginning of the end of our celebrity culture? If celebrities become accessible to every Tom, Dick and Harry who has a podcast then does that mean they won’t hold such enamour with us anymore?

Probably not, but a nice thought.

I’m currently ferreting away working on my results chapters at the moment. I’ve now got four chapters in draft and am working on the fourth and fifth (which are actually chapters 5 and 6 cos I’ve avoided the Methodology chapter so far – number 4).

I’ve also had an abstract accepted at the Information, Communication, Society conference at York in September.  That’s right, I’m the last presentation on the last day…

On top of all that I’ve been developing some websites and a report for HEFCE. I might even try to add a page to this new blog showing screenshots of the some of the sites I’ve designed. Don’t hold your breath though…

Ok, so Blogger is currently giving me a a lot of jip – it doesn’t seem to be able publish anything at all and has destroyed my home page. So I’ve set up this blog as a possible temporary home, but it may be more permanent depending on 1) if blogger sorts out its shit, and 2) how much i like my new home here at The fact that it works at all gives it one up on Blogger.

Oh, and if you subscribe to the RSS feed, then you’ll might want to update the URL

Gizmodo posted this interesting desktop interface prototype today. It looks like a really interesting way of organising documents – although I’m not sure having lots of faceless icons is the best metaphor for “documents” – when you’ve got hard copy documents lying on a table you can tell what a document is just by looking at it, without having to “open” it. Otherwise, its a nice and different way of looking at a tabletop, despite perhaps a bit of a learning curve such as working out the “pig tail” manoeuvre (my personal fave!).

Thesis write-up is well underway now – 3 chapters are in draft, and the fourth is coming along nicely too. My friend Anna compared the writing up process to a flexible rate mortgage – the more I put into it now, the sooner it’s all over! Gotta keep that one in mind!

I was forwarded this video a while ago. It’s clip from a David Attenborough wildlife show, featuring a Lyrebird – an amazing bird which can imitate other sounds with fantastic accuracy, including manmade sounds like camera shutters, car alarms and chainsaws. You have to see it to believe it. I have to admit that if it was David Attenborough then I’d have assumed it was fake.Quite sad though that it’s mimicking the very thing that’s destroying its environment.