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Ok, so I’ve decided to make the permanent new home for my blog. I’ve been really impressed with the level of features that has compared to Blogger. The level of control of the look of the blog is perhaps not as open as with Blogger (you can’t edit the HTML of the page directly, although you can still use HTML in each post and there are some excellent themes available that seem to be growing in number each week), but the amount of built-in features far outweighs this in my opinion. Trackback, comments, stats and categories are all built-in and the whole user experience is excellent. To top it off, the ability to add extra pages makes the whole package great – I’ve added a publications page and an about page so far.

I don’t want to spoil the show for Blogger too much though – its a great tool for first time bloggers who just want to post entries and engage with their audience, and it suited me really well for a while now. WordPress just offers that extra bit of functionality for anyone wanting a bit more.

Oh, and the image up above is one I took while out on my bike in Suffolk and the uncropped version is on my Flickr photostream.


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