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Latitude Festival

Friday was a day out from work, and a day of live music instead. We travelled up to Southwold from Ipswich to go to Suffolk’s first ever music festival – Latitude. First experience of it was not the best – poor signposting to get there and then getting jumped on for charity before even setting foot out of the car once in the car park. But from there on in it got much better. Latitude didn’t seem to be very heavily advertised and so the crowds where far more modest than other festivals, although they were still a good number of people there. We’d only booked tickets for the first day of the 3 day festival as for me that day had the best line-up – Stephen Fretwell, The Zutons and Snow Patrol. All 3 were absolutely great with the crowds getting bigger as each act came on. Stephen Fretwell managed to fit in a few new songs I hadn’t heard before, The Zutons were more foot-tapping and head-bobbing than I thought a band could ever be and Snow Patrol were just amazing. Lead singer, Gary Lightbody said it was their first gig back after losing his voice and the first time they’d headlined at a Festival. They went down an absolute storm – I’m not sure there was anybody outside the main tent when they were on.

As at any festival there were lots of acts at other stages that I’d never heard of – Nalle and M.Craft were two of them and both were excellent. Nalle was reminiscent of Joanna Newsom, but with a slightly different style. I also managed to catch the final song of the Pipettes who were a great song and dance act that I’m sorry I didn’t get to see more of.

The festival was sold as being more than just music, and so there was a literary tent, a theatre tent and a poetry tent. There was also art dotted about a nearby wood that had been lit up for walking during the evening. There was also a large lake nearby that offered free gondola rides, deck chairs lining the lake and a small freehold of painted sheep.

At the end of the day I was knackered, but I’d had a totally thrilling time, and thankfully not too long a trip back to Ipswich. Roll on Latitude 2007! Check out the photos on my Flickr photostream…


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