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I think this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard this year so far. This is my local hospital, which is already in a lot of debt, and it’s being fined £2.5 million because it is treating patients too quickly. There is even a quote at the end of the article from a hospital spokeswoman saying that “We are working hard to ensure that the mistake will not be made again.” Seriously…what? How is this a mistake? I understand that it is fair to give all patients equal waiting times, but surely if there is spare capacity, then that capacity should be used? Even though some patients would have shorter waiting times than others, the entirety would be waiting for a shorter length of time on average. Why are hospitals getting penalised for being efficient?

It seems that it’s all down to the Primary Care Trusts, who hand out the money for treatments, not wanting to hand out too much money each year, and so patients suffer. They state that there must be a minimum 122 day waiting period – just so that it’s easier for them to manage their books.


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