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So a lot has been happening over the last few days in little old Ipswich. It’s looking increasingly likely that we’ve now acquired our own serial killer. Over the last few days 3 women have been found dead in different locations around the outskirts of Ipswich, and two more are reported missing. It seems that the killer is targetting prostitutes in the area, presumably since they are easier targets.

And as if a prowling serial killer wasn’t enough, there was also a stabbing and a shooting in Ipswich over the weekend at a local nightclub called Zest, leaving one bloke dead. Suddenly London sounds like a nice, safe, cozy place to live again. I think everyone in the town is getting spooked by the serial killings and I reckon that the place is going to be a lot quieter in the evenings as a result, with taxi drivers being a lot busier.


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