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Ok, so I haven’t actually gotten it to work yet, but the promise of Eqo is that you can make Skype calls on your mobile phone, and this covers most mobile phones with a GPRS connection. You download java applet on your mobile phone (Eqo send you a text with a link) and then you download a client plug-in for Skype (available for Mac and PC). I’m not 100% on how this works, but my rudimentary understanding is that via your phones data connection so find out who is online, choose the person you want to speak to, which gets sent to the Eqo servers. They then contact your computer (which needs to be on for this to work) which then gets Skype to call the person and then call your mobile phone, making the connection. I think. Either way, at the moment there’s no subscription fee while it’s in beta. Potentially this could halve my peak-rate call prices since Eqo calls your mobile and thus the only price is the SkypeOut credit used to call your mobile and the data call to make the connection in the first place. My current peak-rate mobile tariff is 35p/minute to landlines and so the 14p/min that Skype charges for mobile calls effectively halves what I pay at the moment. The real clincher I think is for when calling people abroad from your mobile.

Update: Ok, so I’ve still not managed to get this to work despite trying different GPRS set-ups suggested on their FAQ. I’ve also heard from a mate who tried it and says “it sucks” (I paraphrase, but it’s close enough). Shame, because the concept is great.

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