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In an effort to dangle a number of carrots at the end of my PhD, I hereby compile a (growing) list of things I’d like to do/buy after my PhD and have a source of income again. So in no particular order…

1. Buy a half-decent dSLR camera – Canon EOS or Nikon D-something or other. Ok – so I’ve done this already as a reward for getting my new job. I opted for the Canon EOS 400D, and am collecting an array of lenses.

2. Book a holiday – destination/length of stay to be decided – maybe skiing (something I’ve never done but always wanted to do), or perhaps something nice and relaxing on a beach somewhere hot.

3. Get a mortgage and put a deposit down on a house

4. Get a Nintendo Wii and maybe an Xbox 360 (PS3 = way overpriced)

5. Visit and catch up with friends whom I’ve neglected over the past few years due to the unmentionable (PhD…shh).

6. Get to know a life again where every spare minute isn’t accompanied with a feeling of guilt for not working on PhD.


7. Get an iPod Touch – ok, ok, my name’s Mark and I’m an Apple addict…


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