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Neighbourhood Fix-It is a fantastic new idea that allows you to enter your postcode (UK only) and report any issues that you may have in your neighbourhood. The site reports these issues directly to the local council. Whether they actually then go on to do anything about it is anybody’s guess, but at least you can feel at peace with yourself that you’ve actually done something about it.

It’s also an interesting new way to grass on the neighbours anonymously as this entry shows.

Little did I know that after writing about this, I’d be using it so soon. Today a neighbour knocked on the door to say that some graffiti (very crap, amateur stuff) had been sprayed on the wall joining our houses.

Update 2: Wow, this thing actually works.  An hour or two after posting an entry about the graffiti, I got an email from the Ipswich council “graffiti squad” that they were on the case!


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