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I was recently on the look out for a new saddle after one of the rails of my WTB annoyingly broke (am I putting on weight??), resulting in an awkward journey back home. After a brief search looking at the normal array of Specialized and Selle Italia models, I happened upon the Charge range in a local bike store. The first one that caught my interest was the brown Charge Spoon – the saddle looks really cool in brown, although alas most likely wouldn’t suit my bike so I’ve ended up opting for the black model which I still think looks cool.  I ended up having a look at the Charge Bikes site which is not only flashy but is also a great example of a small company building up a loyal customer base via the web. They offer a blog (who doesn’t these days?), a podcast [opens in iTunes] and downloads, etc. By the looks of the intro animations and the general branding of the company they’ve either got a pretty good designer on board or they’re spending a lot of money on branding. ‘Tis all about perceptions, I guess…

Charge Spoon in brown

Hopefully the Charge Spoon will be a bit sturdier than my previous saddle.


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