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Hey there. I’ve been blogging since November 2002 and this is my newest blog home. I’m doing a PhD looking at the following aspects of blog-life:

  • practices
  • why bloggers blog
  • privacy management

It may sound slightly unthreaded, but hopefully they’ll flow beautifully together by the end of it all. :s I’ve currently got four five chapters in draft. I’ve also written a list of things that I plan on doing once I’ve finished this hellish character-building process of writing a doctoral thesis.

I’ve got a couple of papers published from a previous research post, a chapter in a book, and another paper on the way…

I have designed and implemented a number of professional websites – in the main this is done using CSS and HTML

I’m an amateur photographer, using a Canon EOS 400D with a 50mm f/1.8 , a 70-210mm and an 18-55 EFS kit lens. Some of my photos are on my flickr pages.

I also mountain-bike regularly, albeit in the flatlands of rural Suffolk and I play bass guitar in a band called Ripley – and you can listen to one of our tunes at

Things I could happily spend all day doing:

1. Sitting on Beachy Head, taking in the views
2. Playing bass/guitar and messing about with Garageband
3. Riding off-road most places on my mountain bike
4. Viewing the amazing photos on flickr’s interestingness page
5. Reading a good book

That’s your lot.


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