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Cycling past a couple of traffic cops yesterday armed with a radar gun, one shouted at me:


If I’d known I was being clocked I would have at least tried to hit the speed limit.


On Saturday I did another bike route and decided to use Gmaps-pedometer again to record the route.

Route 18/11/2006

What would make this great tool even better would be to allow photos to be added to the map and also notes so that the whole route can be recorded for others to follow. I’m sure, with the Google Maps and Flickr APIs this has got to be possible, especially now that Flickr supports geotagging of photos.

It’s really great seeing the route set out like this – it gives me a real sense of distance and scale. I think next time I’ve got to try going out to a different part of Suffolk.

I just got back from being out on my bike, and wanted to know how far I’d been. Since I’ve not got round to transferring the bike computer from my old bike to my new one, I usually just have a quick look at Google Maps and work it out roughly. But this time I found Gmaps Pedometer. Its a great little app that uses the Google Maps API and allows you to plot the route bit by bit just by double clicking on the map. Its great and I managed to work out I’d cycled a shade over 9 miles.

So here’s my route:
Bike route Sat 4th Nov 2006